Church Christmas Pictures

All photograph prints will be color-balanced for appropriate skin tones and lighting.

The colors and brightness in the photos that you view on your screen may not be exactly like the final prints. Screens have differing hues and tones.

Glare in eyeglasses, any "red-eye" and other "hot spots" will be removed.

Any other corrections or blemish removal will be done upon specific request. (Simple touch-ups are included in the original price; major or complicated "fixes" may carry an additional charge.)

You may purchase photographs for $14.99 per 8x10 sheet, plus shipping.

One sheet can include:
one 8x10 photograph
two 5x7’s
-four 4x5’s
-twelve wallet size photos (wallet sizes must be only one pose for the entire sheet.
A four-sheet package can be purchased for $55.00, plus shipping.
-A six-sheet package can be purchased for $80.00, plus shipping.
-An eight-sheet package can be purchased for $104.00 (shipping for orders over $100 is free).
11x14 is $26.95 each
-13x26 is $36.95 each

Please contact Lance Marthaler at 770-736-0395 to place your order,


You may place your order via email at
-Please specify photo numbers from the website, quantity requested, size, and any special requirements (blemish removal, etc.).

All orders will be printed upon receipt of payment which should be sent to:
Habakkuk Enterprises
2934 Centerville Hwy
Snellville, GA 30078

Thank you

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